Frana - Slumping at the rate of yawns

from by Frana/Opiliones



in the basement of a big building all the kittens
without an owner organized a meeting
to clarify the situation, i forgot how goes on...
now someone could say i stopped to believe in good moments

no need to claim tornadoes to pacify and clean
i´d call it addiction for having no rest
why do you drown so hard? why the earth must tremble?
to poison the growing grass?

to be sincere i´d rather hold my breath for good
than listening over and over to creaking regrets
if dreams are made of dust and dust is made of dead skin
then we rest on our own scraps


from Frana​/​Opiliones Split 7", released March 17, 2016




Frana Milan, Italy

Multiple meanings, multiple feelings.

Frana is Fra-Luca-Fra, noise/post-hardcore from Milano. We play loud and speak nonsense.

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