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by Frana

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Bet on e-era 03:33
Easy confinements are kindly brutal on me please give me a safe place where I can burst my hollow bones are good for nothing against your steel I overslept, I lost my car, how did I get here?! Don't bother, I'll be fine like the first time that I was robbed I made my moves so loud and obvious, and I'll respond I'll be up that hill waiting days and nights if you come search for me you'll be late, like a dozen years who said I had a choice...? As the reverse-speaking man once told me "oid o'crop" when I get hit, I don't get cranky just more focused on my needs I think I'm going to listen this time If I forget to care, just don't mind Don't preach what you can't hide here in these deserted lands if you really have to be different, go ahead Hey...hi...old glooms old bonds reveal the truth next time maybe first give a call I can wait, wait and smile relatively, calm and bright Rising sunshine, in every word wave and smile, mechanically
I'm your brand new host Do you wonder why, it’s not so cozy in here There was a time I was feeling holey, longing for cataclysms For what it's worth I always stood for you, a safe place to hide from everything If I insist, may I just watch you? I'd like to see what you do Some sacred words are just so comforting, you’d better check the meaning first If time is cracked, memories bleached, our paths won’t cross once more I could hardly breathe in there, even though I’ve seen blue skies I trick the deck and count the cards, it’s the only way not to lose Far from reaching peaceful roads, always on time to go nowhere I shall hold. Sometimes pink clouds turn into hailstorms without an obvious reason The simple fact you can sit on your balls proves there’s no god in heaven Little silly secrets always kept me dry, I’m clearing out, while running out of time Have you considered, maybe I was not so wrong? Let’s party hard, let’s thrive like flies If time is cracked, memories bleached, our paths won't cross once more I could hardly breathe in there, even though I've seen blue skies I trick the deck and count the cards, it's the only way not to lose Far from reaching peaceful roads, always on time to go nowhere I shall hold! I won’t make it, but I'll get better I won’t make it whole, but I'll get better
In the rush hour of unconstructive ideas I know I’m easy to blame, let’s say that I wasn’t there For every time I rushed in, proving no control I’m not a gambler, I know, but I get quickly bored No one heard cause nobody cares I’m sure I had the time, I know there was a place Prove myself wrong while stuck in a cage only if I could...whatever... Oh, please, just a minute. One part of stardust, one part of blind hope keep cool to kill the thrill, stop trying to seal the deal Add just another "Show me what you can do" I’m just a fainting goat, I’m scared, I run, I’m out Hey, you, keep track of all my best mistakes Are we brave enough to embrace the discomfort when nothing is there to be solved? I’ll go search for help (to) conceal the disaster but please don’t tell anyone
Chemtrails 03:43
I'd take a break from myself I've heard (human) standards are getting low I'll hop on Cheap tricks I've pulled poor enough to work well as that time I played dead not to admit I'd rather be someone else Circumstances are glitchy, far from what is worth every piece won't find its place just on its own all I can remember is the touch of who has left anything won't be the same as we pretend Take care of compulsions, restless and blind, senseless contractions made me who I'm now. Face the grace of ancient wounds, create destroyers fail your real face, reveal what's behind. I would rest in peace but I need to move if I'm forced to stop I won't make it through I would rest in pills but I shall refuse let me be wrong, let me be a recluse bail me out from reality, I drawn in cold facts I'm so sorry I've never started what I've said I'd do Turn the view of crumbling castles in something positive All the anxieties left behind a never time ago What's the matter with uncertainties, wrapped in shiny clothes, the moment we get scolded
I’ve gone way too far this time along the river, deep down into the sewer, where the time doesn’t flow and it’s stuck at the exact moment of big mistakes. I’ve seen animals I didn’t know, some kind of rats, or beavers, or moles, or grundhougs.. grondhugs.. groundhogs.. whatever. I’ve never been good at animals. I could see the shape of something under the dirt, on the opposite bank, if I wasn’t so clumsy I could almost reach it. It could have been a hidden treasure, a time capsule, a car whatever, the rottening corpse of a cosmic-drug-recluse, or maybe just a stone. In my next life I’m gonna be that stone, so better stop moving and start hardening, now. Boulder, rock, pebble, gravel. It’s time to go back to the mineral age.
It's a sense for disasters which I follow the most I'm sorry I won't stop trying, while showing you the worst I'm a broken transmitter left behind on the moon I'm so sorry that I've been nagging about few bruises and a wound
Give me back the days I wasted trying to pile some rocks and call that home to guess those roads that lead to somewhere special I can swear at least somehow I tried simple plans are often hiding thorns and miscalculations of inner bleedings I was busy chasing something shiny I could not hear the bell that rang all night I know you can shine, but I can burst Don’t let the pitchforks rise above my moans Holy fears for holy wounds holy backfire, black sorcery walking barefoot in a factory of splinters I won’t be the chosen, the right one, I have no brave heart in so many ways I failed to find guidance, on crooked sidewalks it always takes a lot of concentration I can’t remember if I can trust my sight as the oracle of misfortune said there’s not enough time to fix everything it’s damaged I’d better let go I’d better make space for sorrows that still have to come Holy fears for holy wounds friendly fire, surrendering make sure that you have mistrusted me Fall for nothing, count the losses bomb the masses, encrypt all make sure that your words sound misleading Lock me in a demon’s sleep if there’s nothing to stand for fill the gap between me and graveyards In my obsessions, simple equations I can survive without tasting I’d be better if I was a stranger
Do you remember that time that you were there and I was here and I said something? I might have been wrong or even right or maybe just medium but it was good that we talked! You know what I think of that story as if then... in the end maybe? I’m not sure if you got me right I don’t know if I caught your attention whatever you thought it might be, eventually it might not Because sometimes when I say something I might miss the point and hmm... Forget it, forget it, next time I’ll be able to explain Have you forgotten those days...? What do you mean? Do you say it never happened..? However, it was clearly... Hey, shut up! It was just an example! Wait, come on, don’t do that... Even if.. yeah.. no.. It´s complicated Whatever you say! It’s a cozy surrender to the loss of all notions I’ve learnt I beg you forgive my apathy, it seems like it’s just wrong for me In the end it’s a matter of matters, what am I doing? I’m just used to misinterpret words and signs of any kind but I still talk, to cover the silence, cover the void with crumbling structures of senseless noises, like a million years old preacher with no tongue It’s fear of the silence It’s fear of the void
It’s the hard way to make peace with crippling fragilities face down and deny these clouds follow through what makes you be fine Like a tip tap dancer on the martian soil, I’m a lonely performer longing for gravity and a smooth floor If I was the director of the world I’d make everything in flashy colors and blurry you’d be out of sync, but just like you are, or slightly less confusing but somewhere far away It’s time to revive forgotten apocalypses keep in mind what you’ve lost and what you could have done to preserve it maybe just for a while maybe till the end of your time I know it could not be any easier and perspectives are not something you choose Lift your arm, wave, remind me of my name save the date for the day I won’t return How can we possibly fail? How can we possibly have hope? How come we do the same mistakes Over and over and over? What am I doing here? What am I doing right next to you? Is this an enchanted world we’ve made? How can we define ourselves life forms?
Asimov 03:48
There was a weird man in my backyard a crooked long neck like a giant stork "What’s in there for me?" he whispered loud to a faceless reptile hangman It’s storming hard a perfect weather for an execution by torture, in pain Creepy whirly shapes up in the sky but I remember I was colorblind a rubber band around my ankles irrelevant that nothing I describe is real It was only a matter of bad luck and sloppy plans I understand it is not ideal to embrace the now or never I’m willing to vanish and take the blame with me a handful of rockets to celebrate the extinction you said healing it’s only a matter of time I won’t call it a cure It won’t make the trick to go far fierce anxiety will return you can try to paint new backgrounds but in the end your head will fall
I’ve never thought time could hurt, minutes biting to my throat, I can hear them screaming loud, leaving no shelter to hide All my friends have left home, since the birds have flown northwards, it can easily get too bright for sore eyes and shaky hands What have I done? What have I become? In a century I’ll be done here, folding nightmares to take home, say no more, save the words for the time there will be none Feed your grief, give it tears, go deep down where monsters sleep, the most fearless source of freedom you can gaze at all at once What have I done? What have I become? Have I been completely in denial? Cracks in walls have been there the whole time. I remember facing you over and over and I could never ever survive


This record is out thanks to Antena Krzyku, Vollmer Industries, Brigante Records and Productions, Entes Anomicos, Hidden Hands Records, Violet DAM and Oh! Dear Records. Available on 12" vinyl from April 20!

Recorded by Fabio Intraina and Mauro Maccarini, and mixed by Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy in December 2017. Mastered by Fabio Giannotti at NEWMASTERING Studio in Milano, Italy in February 2017.

Frana on Awkwardwards are Luca (guitar, vocals), Francesco B. (guitar), Francesco S. (bass) and Fulvio (drums). All songs written and played by Frana. All lyrics by Luca Tadini.

Cover artwork by Silvia Sicks (silviasicks.wordpress.com).
Nearly all gears used to play this record were tweaked by Ivan - My Dad Is Iggy (www.my-dad-is-iggy.co.uk).

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released April 20, 2018




Frana Milan, Italy

Frana is self-medication for bored angst riders.

Noisy post-punk with multiple meanings, multiple feelings.

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