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by Frana

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mario andrea montalbo' "As if we never care enough/There's not such thing as a true north to follow/Just a clumsy derailing through uncharted territories".
Seconda uscita per i Frana, band che a palese dispetto del proprio nome sfoggia grande solidità, affiatamento e abrasione. Echi di P.I.L. (nell'uso della voce, soprattutto) e My Bloody Valentine, mentre l'ironica amarezza dei testi è tra Robin Hitchcock e Pete Townshend.fino all'aggiornamento dei Joy Division: "Loans will tear us apart". Favorite track: Loans Will Tear Us Apart.
  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Vinyl LP 12" (Clear transparent) - 180gr

    Released by Antena Krzyku, Day Off Records, Sonatine Produzioni, Taxi Driver Records and Santa Valvola Records.

    Recorded at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy.
    Mixed by TJ Lipple in Washington DC, USA.
    Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, USA.
    Packaging and cover design by Frana.

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Hey oh, I hold the misery as my pennant I’m fine, like a landmine never burst There’s a bunch of clumsy moves I shall do I believe in crooked angles Head down, while the endorphins are dropping I wouldn’t be so sure that I’ll make it through Every time I’m walking into a dark room I’m just scared because I can I don’t need to bargain to get my nightmares back Crippling flaws to hide behind a great potential We live in such a hurry It doesn’t feel like this is real, I’m just collateral Last night, I was safe behind those lies That’s right, I’m a bad sketch poorly drawn Every step I spared along dusty roads I’ve my faith in fallen bridges I don’t need to bargain to get my nightmares back Crippling flaws to hide behind a great potential We live in such a hurry It doesn’t feel like this is real, I’m just collateral We live in such a hurry It doesn’t feel like this is real, I’m just collateral Nothing’s left at all I will buy some time abjuring Nothing’s left at all I will buy some time abjuring Nothing’s left at all I will buy some time abjuring Nothing’s left at all I will buy some time abjuring
Think bright and don’t get blinded by ambitions When it’s time, get used to tranquilizers Grow distress until it gets so solid you can sell it, right Sometimes I know I can be a bit obsessive Sit tight and let the nothing happen I guess I should pass by more often, spoiling your free time Last night I’ve seen a dead man in my kitchen I said hi and we got drunk with manners When it comes to certain patterns I can’t really escape I think doesn’t matter what i’ve been through Your high expectations are mentally abusive Embracing the post-truth as way of life I’ve seen a dog with a fish in its mouth, covered in blisters, with no head and blind eyes Disapproving my pile of dead flies and sick dreams, tell me what’s next against my will I’ve seen a fish with no legs and no arms, ferocious and cold, as the nights by my side Holding the grudge against faith and sharp teeth, show me how deep is the dead end sea I’ve seen the krill in the shape of missed calls, stubborn and bold, as voices approach Thriving in darkness as the stories foretold, help me disarming recurring events I’ve seen myself, an eye for an I, annoying by birth, turned out to be a stray Misplacing the bones of regrets from past years, carry me down delusional streams
Get Scurvy 04:11
Last round and I’ll go Through that neglecting storm It doesn’t make much Sense to run around dark circles Don’t you think I’d quit I don’t think I could be better I’ve been struck by circumstances Hunting meanings down the river that goes steady downwards I wait for no surprise, so please just put me on hold I craved for ancient timelines, in which I was a stone I wouldn’t take advantage of something unreal to fear the most I wouldn’t stand a chance of making a pile and let things burn What kind of choice is that? I’ll hit the ground and won’t explode I wouldn’t bear some distractions It’s been so long that I had a fine time I wouldn’t need cold perfection It’s been so clear that I cannot define Spare your ribbons and fancy clothes Save the date for the day I won’t return A million years far from here You’ll be wondering if I was really ever born
What have I done to get scolded? Bored or something? Can’t define Space is shrinking, now or never, unleash your nothing and fly high Circumstances might have changed but I’m still the sand in your bed Shovel days out, god is yawning, be the change in no one’s life Hide your worst where I can find it, dig alongside the railroad I’d rather twist my neck until I break the spine, than looking up at your neglects While systems fail, it’s right to be here, we are leftovers, tasting all the same Run over by dark lights, re-creating noise from scraps I dare you to complain, eventually we’re born in vain My choke face, grim as pain Dance with dust and leave no past
Greasy Ponds 04:29
All the sores we inflict ourselves, to merely meet no one’s expectation While we seek salvation looking for something stuck in the rusty gears of self-absolution By faking good will and big laughters, neglecting the fact that we are all a fraud I don’t seek inner peace but I’d spare raging hell, for later disasters, when I’ll run out of friends The nerves are struggling to stay in control Over relentless guilts and forgotten beasts Although the people we care about are doing quite well right now and have enough supplies can last a month To make it worth to be someone, to be somewhere As if we never care enough There’s not such thing as a true north to follow Just a clumsy derailing through uncharted territories De-structured realities, glimpses of nonsense filtered through the spinal cord De-crypted by electrical diagrams and still locked in somehow Old glooms are reborn through the fire Winter's still in charge here
That’s ok, I will never be the same, don’t you think that I should try on my own What am I supposed to do? I’m not real, I’m just a train wreck in disguise, shall I dodge or better hide? It’s alright What am I supposed to say? As once you said, I’m sure, I’m no longer here You and I shall walk alone That’s ok, let me stare at my own grave, let me spit (on) what I can’t stand anymore Who am I supposed to blame? Cripple in disguise, It’ll be great just for one day, give me a time, find a place, shut the door and try to leave me alone That’s ok, just I’ll never be fine Cranky every morning, sharpening the axe, every time that I confront you I die a little Making good decisions, having second thoughts, by the time that you realize I’m a just a tickle
We are in this mess, it’s extremely dark, it’s fine after all. Why shall I care? I cannot think no more How would I fight despicable needs? It’s fine after all. What should I change? I shouldn’t be no more What was I thinking? Just watch and rewind, it’s fine after all. I try to confuse only when I convince no more Dead earworms have stolen my sleep There’s no time to bleed, I’m covered in mites, stumbling intentions, completely just lies Let’s go out and howl, I’ll do what it takes, and look for redemption for worn out mistakes I’d like to try.. perhaps.. next time.. I’m an hesitation junkie Those voices inside that reach out to speak, I’m an hesitation junkie Somehow I’m beginning to breach through, to cut loose, to prove I’m in control Feel tired and don’t overthink though, just be here, when parallel worlds will collide
Moody Glues 02:54
I’ll do my best to disappoint you For obvious reasons I’ll be dead when you get back I dip my fingers in this cold and sticky pond I think next time I’ll pass, if you want you can take over Another day chasing imaginary worlds Creative strategies to fail in tiring ways I think we are stuck again in worn out negotiations I guess this means that what burns sometimes returns However it won’t be like the first time we were there It’s because I’m aging fast, and aging ugly too I was just learning how to drown, I wasn’t crying for help Make sure you hit me hard enough, before you walk off my way Make sure you finish what you started and try to sell me as spare parts, for a few coins It must be nice to feel a part of something and tear it apart, it’s the only option here
A rain of thousands splinters Tearing up my mind I would never go far I’m abruptly needy It could sound like a good thing Would you like to sell me your best pain I will burn this simulation down to the ground I’ve never had a clearer picture of this hostile world Never off this way What did you expect it would have happened When we’d run out of trusty words? I can hardly recognize you Without your silly victim’s costume I shall never play nice One day the dust will settle here Over layers of arguable deeds I’ve never had the will to share my grave I will burn this sanctuary down to the ground I’ve never had a sharper pencil to draw a line Better off this way What did you expect it would have happened? I don’t care of what you had in mind Today was short and the sky was whining all the time Would you show me the way home..? Cause this swamp looks so shiny and feral Though strangers have happier face(s) than you And I’m waiting and willing to be a part Where strangers have brighter face(s) than you And I’m waiting and willing to be someone else
Sgt. Popper 02:27
Streets go by and we don’t notice, we’ve been here like hundred times If you want to flee you’d better hurry, before the sun goes blind Have we met before...? I’m sorry... ehm.. oh well.. I’ve no excuse I see lots of people, don’t remember, I might have been quite high Big brother meltdown, spare me this time If you have to feel much better, just ignore me for a while I’m sure I’ve lost the instruction book somewhere I was just playing by heart Big brother breakdown, call me sometimes Most likely words are not conclusive Don’t make me talk because I... If we dig deeper, we’ll find the sewer If we scream louder, we’ll make it last
I don’t know what decade is Today lasts 20 years I don’t know what I’m chocking (on), it tastes like flesh and dirt As long as no one is hurt When nobody was watching I took a deep breath, I’m not the one to trust I don’t have what it takes here, just fear inside out As you are gonna know, I’d bribe for detention December at my side, still no one is watching I’ll wait, until you vanish, there’s no one to blame for Lay down, dear winter sleeper, I won’t let no one to harm you


Disastersss has multiple meanings and multiple feelings, finding its strength in deliberate genre shifts. It sways between tricksy dissonances and unwavering directness with ingenious arrangements. Frana’s style sits neatly alongside the holy figures of Dischord’s finest, with their emblematic abrasive and tight sound, Luca’s vocals evoking the pioneers of D.C. styled post-hardcore. For fans of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Slint, Shellac, Hüsker Du, Unwound, Quicksand, Metz, and anything in the same vein.


released December 18, 2020

This record is out thanks to Antena Krzyku, Day Off Records, Sonatine Produzioni, Taxi Driver Records, Santa Valvola Records and Progetto Cervo.

Disastersss has been recorded by Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy, mixed by TJ Lipple in Washington DC, USA, and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, USA. Cover photo by Jimson Eng, cover design by Frana.

Frana is: Luca//Vocals & Guitar, Francesco//Bass, Matteo//Guitar, Michele//Drums.

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Frana Milan, Italy

Frana is self-medication for bored angst riders.

Noisy post-punk with multiple meanings, multiple feelings.

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